Friday, 12 July 2013

Froddo.....Is that you?

Oh yeah baby, the Cliffs of Mordor.

It has been pointed out to me on many occasions in the recent past that our journey today, our trek, our coming of age, is in fact to the Cliffs of Mohor and not "Mordor" as I have become wont to intone. Not to be deterred, I continue to intone and strain my rotating neck searching for Hobbits, Orcs and maybe a Gandolf / Dumbledore fellow to appear.

Pretty sure the family has had enough of me.

On the way to THE CLIFFS OF MORDER.......dumdum dmmmmmmm

The Paddy wagon - who knew that's where it had been al this time

Everywhere you look, there's a little stone wall

The gates of Mordor.....OK.....The parking bay ticket office of Mohor.

Tickets please

The dreaded carpark of Mohor


Puffin to see, move along

Ahhhh, the dreaded clan of O'Connor

How's this girl. An American who we saw lugging a tile of slate from the cliffs toward her car. Who steals a cliff?

Brazen slate thief

The interactive visitor's centre

The Cliffs

There were some relatively difficult to decipher signs.


Don't lean over if you have no feet - sage advice!

Are they good samaritans?

Is that an O'Connor crest I see? Ahh the old heritage.

Artsy Ree photo

More cliffs

More cliffs

More cliffs

If you touch the fence connected to the electricity you get quite a big jolt! I felt where it went in and where the current exited. Dumbo indeed. Ouch.

Hello Mr Cow

Yups, more cliffs

The walk from the Cliffs toward the next town. Takes about 5 hours. We decided to drive - me on a final desperate lookout for Hobbits.

The drive to Connamorra didn't look that long but what with twisty roads, single lanes and quite a bit of traffic near Galway, it took us a good two and a half of hours to complete.

We drove to Galway, along the road to Clifden and then at Oughtard, turned right for 6kms. Boring to anyone else but not to us.

Slowed by cows in the home straight. The limping border collie moving the cows along was trying so hard but was clearly nearing the end of working life

Finally we reached the turn off to Currarevagh Guest House.
You know how much I love a good driveway.

Smarty the cat - on the roof checking things out. A very friendly outdoors cat whose best mate is Milly the dog

Dinner at Carrarevagh
Dinner is served at 8!
Henry put on a tie and jacket.
It was all very formal and the kids loved every second of it. Real silver cutlery, 3 knives, beautiful glassware and china plates. It's a set meal - tonight was buffalo cheese, "flowers and leaves" then roast lamb and verges, desserts, cheese and then tea and petit fours served in the drawing room. Frightfully posh.
Kids were very well behaved, table and elbows never met, cutlery was down when chewing and placed correctly on their plates. Perfect ordering manners, low(ish) voices and excused from the table after dessert.
They booked us in for another dinner on our last night so they could get dressed more appropriately and so that Drew could comb his foppish fringe just obsessively perfectly.
So lovely here.

Enough - pretty sure we are in Heaven.

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