Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ladby vikings and who's got crabs?


Blog shmog I say.




Breakfast was a Danish specialty of sweet biscuits in a kind of sweet, milky yogurty yakulty thing. The Danish name eludes me but i know it translates to "cold bowl". Zoe thought the opposite of Drew who loved it!






The Hippo Julie won "fishing" at Legoland yesterday. Now dressed up for...?? The prom?



Our journey today took us to a small museum called Ladby, which, not coincidentally, is where it is located. I think Ladby means "pretty much far from most things".

The museum is at the site of one of those hill "mounds" where Vikings were buried in. This one is the site of a rich Viking who got buried in a Viking ship. The ship was only recently discovered and is kept very well preserved or at least its shape is preserved as a mould - the wood is long gone.

At Ladby they are making a Viking ship replica. All the work is done by volunteers using techniques the same as the Vikings would have used. Also, it is taking a very long time to make! They didn't like to bury the Vikings with ships often for precisely this reason. Waste of a perfectly good ship.









A Ladby volunteer......for a second or two. That wood is heavy





A museum joke! A weather vane stone



Bo explains the joke. Side splitting museum humour!













How to write in Runes




Viking game. No bending the knees.








Viking word translates to "noong"




Not sure that a bit of discourse involves killing all who don't surrender?




They traveled far.







This was the likely head of the Ladby ship. It was never found but the steel comb coils found at Ladby were seen on a very similar ship so a dragon head it is!






Replica ship in the museum. Note replica dead guy and replica dead oxen, cows and horses.




The real ship. Loses something when you're not in the middle of the inside of a hill . Quite eery.




The combs







Me running up the hill (the ship is inside the hill). Well I just slipped trying to catch runnning children who 'turn on a dime'




Sometimes it's good to be 5




Ladby...middle of....




Mead......not so nice




"Zoe" in Runes




How many can you fit in one car?





Next stop, the beach. A little lunch from a traditional beachside eatery. Traditional in the sense that all over the world, the tradition for this kind of place is pretty average food. Turns out, the Danes are big on this tradition.



Working out what to order. Very grumpy lady at the service counter







View from the tables we sat at to eat lunch.







The kids went crabbing off the jetty and then the rocks of the boardwalk. Using $2 dollar rod and reel that looked like a toy and with fishing line of a piece of wool OR in the case of most of the kids, just the piece of wool with a smashed mussell clipped onto the bottom bit. Of course they caught nothing................INCORRECT. Danish crabs are quite partial to smashed mussell. Who knew. The red wool is just garnish. Better grab on with my claw and never let go.



About 5 minutes work




So what do you do after you catch a bunch (herd?) of crabs?

You RACE them.

Well they race each other.

There was a ready made crab racing track on the side of the boardwalk for just such an event.









The time had come to say our goodbyes, so with tears flowing there were goodbye for now group hugs and a silent red-eyed trip on the train back to Copenhagen.

I made a bit of a trip back the next day to collect Zoe's ipad from Elsbeth's brother - the handover was clandestine at a railway station....somewhere.








Bye bye Sprogoe Island.









The night ended with a return visit to Halifax burgers and a walk along the streets staring into the windows of design shops and bike shops (just me really).

Lovely moon was out and lots of people having picnics near the river, on the bridge and in any lil green space they could find.












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