Thursday, 25 April 2013

Scattered pics from the past 2 weeks


Souvlaki pita as per Uncle Chrispy



Ree gets the hang of Greek parking rules



Greek tablecloths often have a map of where you are. This one from FELOTIO (carefully spellcheck) shows our daily drive



Not sure if it sounds a bit ominous or not? I am the minister for social solidarity...would you like to come in for a cup of tea with your neighbors?



Wow, 3rd generation lasers. Wonder what they had in Star Wars?



Little red bug and Drew's finger



Don't caffeinate the already hyperactive



Local Naxos wine in chilled tin jug. DO NOT try the Rosé.



Santorini door



Converse - the shoe chosen by cool explorers (and Cypriot Protestors)



Cat on a restaurant chair. Santorini wharf



Zozo on Santorini cobbles



Playing with Colorsplash - circa 2006




Gotta love Nesbo



Power of logo. Know what these books are?



Zoe makes her zombie subway surfer avatar



No comment



Dali see saw



Dali roundabout






Greek bug



Cretan cat



Drew statue. He is still!



Teeny tiny Cretan cyclist



Smoked salmon?


Seems a long time ago,


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